I am Paula, a freelance UX and graphic designer.

My expertise as a UX designer encompasses user research, prototyping and usability testing.

As a graphic designer, I create vibrant and unique visual identities for artists and organisations in the cultural sector.

How I Work

As a UX designer I have a track record of improving complex user journeys through my analytic and communicative skills. I enjoy working out tricky challenges alongside web developers and product managers, advocating for user needs at every step. I have designed user experiences for mobile apps, responsive websites, and a variety of TV platforms.

As a graphic designer I especially enjoy bringing my own art and illustration style into projects, and experimenting with symbols and typography. My design process starts out with an enquiry into the identity and vision of my clients, followed by moodboarding. I have created logos, visual identities, and poster designs.

About Me

I have a B.Sc. in Media & Computing from HTW Berlin and first started out as a web developer before turning to UX design and graphic design.

I am a community-taught designer, having picked up knowledge from other professionals, online resources and meetups. I am equally devoted to sharing my knowledge and experiences with others by getting involved in hackspaces, collectives and 1:1 conversations.

My other interests besides design are creating digital art, cooking, and spending time outdoors.

About This Website

I designed and coded this portfolio using HTML and CSS with 11ty. I follow the Guidelines for Brutalist Web Design.